27 July 2005

Blogs Help Search of NWF

Blogs are helping the search of a non-white female. While other outlets only focus on the missing white female in Aruba, this blog and many others are focusing on a pregnant mother missing in Philidelphia.

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More Dream Shit

Okay people, I have been having these dreams. I should tell you that these are the most mildest of my dreams. I have had dreams in which I have saved the world from an entire invasion of flesh eating hellians (if you spell it that way). What I am trying to say is that, if you think this is pretty fucked up; you've never visited my subconsious or my actual life brain.

26 July 2005

We have a liftoff, and lunch.

Right now at 11:03 AM EDT NASA Flight Controllers in Florida have gone to their beans. The eating of beans are a tradition way back in the day of NASA flight. On the other hand, Discovery and her crew are in orbit around the earth at approx 18,000 mph. That sounds awesome. Well I've got to jet (no pun intended) peace.

25 July 2005

More Dreams of a Radical Nature

Okay this dream takes place approxamately 10 years after my graduation (in which the graduation was rudely interrupted). Okay let's begin this wierd ass journey.

   It all started out on my honeymoon, with a hot chick I have never met before (but have seen on television a sci-fi show), where the usual honeymoon things go on (im not going in to the details). Then all of a sudden the building starts to shake, so we go downstairs to the lobby to find out what is going on. When we get to the lobby, a bell hop is being shot up by some retarded robot/zombi (it was one or the other not sure), about this time Aeryen (the chick I married in my dream) is on her cell calling someone (at the time I had no idea who) and she tells me to go downstairs and take everyone to the basement. I complied with her demand of me and took a cell phone from one of the extras in my dream. After we all get down into the basement, I luckily get a signal and call Jon C. and tell him to prepare my robot and the weapons. Then all of a sudden Jon, Sim, Dan, Rick, and a few other people from school were there; they had appeared out of nowhere almost, maybe some type of transporter. I take the guns that they bring and tell them to follow me, and they do. When we go upstairs we see 13 more zombis/retarded robots (z/rr) and they start to shoot at us, we take cover and when they stop firing, we fire back and kill them. I then told the group, to split up and look for Aeryen.

   Looking everywhere for my wife (Aeryen), I am not thinking clearly about the situation and I walk into this trap, where I find a retarded robot, and a controller. Some how I lost my guns when I walked into this room, and I have no weapon except for my mind and hands. So I go after this controller woman and break her neck, and take what appears to be a gun; however, it is not the gun you and I would think it was it projected a something out the end that deflected gun fire. So when the zombie started to shoot at me, I didn't get shot but I still had to take it down. So when it shot at me and I wasn't dead it was stunned, so I came round behind him and grabbed his neck, unfortunately that didn't kill him; but I was saved again when I heard to blast of a gun and a limp zombie was in my arms (not as romantic as it sounds zombie goo everywhere). But what was romantic about it was that Aeryen was the one that shot the zombie. She tells me that there is a ship outside the resort waiting for us and that we need to go now. We ran to the ship, and I was looking around for the old crew, but they were nowhere to be found. So I tapped the communication bracelet on my arm and call up Jon, Rick, Dan, and everybody else and told them to come on .

More to come later, when I go to sleep again.

24 July 2005

Okay I've been having these weird ass dreams lately, and they all had something to do about school. First of all the school was always under attack of these machines and I would have to get inside of a robot to help kill the machines. And then I eemember that I got money and a job for the government for doing what I did. Then came graduation, and the machines came again and captured me and I ended up getting away and getting to my bot.. When I killed them the principal of the school came up to me and told me good job and about the government program. After that I went outside where I saw Jon C. and a few girls I used to know from Northern. Well we see this forests and we walk into it, well it turns out to be a place where my robot was hidden during the quiet not being attacked by evil machines moments. So we go down there and find out some of the machines were being controlled by somethings maybe robots (which is really wired robots controlling robots). Then people started going missing Theresa K, her sister, then Jon; but for some reason I didn't notice this when I was looking for a way out. When I do find a way out a few things have changed, one of course is time I was underground for 5-6 hours, then my cd player was playing music, and my iPod was an older version of itself. So being that it is 5 o'clock (and I am two hours late) I go to pick up my mom. However there is a small problem, the interstate I was on changed in to a one way trip to an Earth Wind and Fire Concert. So once there I get out of the car, and see my aunts and uncles, waiting to get in one needing tickets; so we start to talk about nothing and nobody seems to care that I graduated just 6 hours prior. Then all of a sudden this really fat chick shows up talking about me my battles, and the robot I controlled; then my uncle C. notices something on the girls neck, it turns out to be a gaping hole that turns out to be filled with parasites. Then something is about to go down, because an alarm sounds and I start trying to get to my bot.

That is it for now. There are a few pieces left out that I might put in once the pertaining party okays it.

23 July 2005

Clowns again.

Okay a while back, I sad something about clowns being evil. Now I realized what clowns really are, they are drag queens for Kids. It is so obvious, I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before. Clowns are the drag queens creation it acceptable for dudes to be in makeup; but they failed, because clowns are scary as hell.

22 July 2005

playing around with yourself

ScArRy JeFf: ayt, people no member abuse you know what im talkin bout (especially you jon)

rick dont kill garden gnomes

sim peace

cuzin chris zzz's sound good

twine the stupid pick up lines, we're all tired of them

jon don't do it you'll go blind

brixius even tho my sword is bigger, it doesn't matter its the skill that counts. (actually it does matter chicks love a big samurai ;-) ) oh and double_d aint the bra size i was talkin bout its your new nick i dont know why

josh methane dreams sound coo

but most of all people member abuse is a bad thing and none of us should do it. the members need love too. (think about that one)


if i went into the future and killed my future self would it be suicide?

sim says no
dan says yes

either post or im me scarry jeff on aim

Vow Movement (Say it, it sounds like bowel movement)

Okay, me and a few people have been talking about marriage today because an old friend of mine from the coast is getting married, because she's pregnant and she wants to be married before the birth of the child. Now to me that is the worst fucking reason to be married, after just trying to piss off the 'ole parents. Now I'll support her, and say I hope you have a good life; however, this has really got me thinking there are people straight and gay who never get married. These people are usually very happy with their situation, its marriage without all the beureaucratic bullshit. Why sign a damn piece of paper, say a few words, pay a lot of fuckers to do something when they don't care if you stay married for the rest of your life? If you just stay in a non-marrital relationship with your partner for the rest of the relationship (till death, or seperation with life intact), you don't have to worry about signing divorce papers and so on. Saves money in the long run, you know? Now for me this will probably change, I'm probably thinking like this, because my friend is getting married. So check back in a few years (the site will probably change by then, but I'll keep you posted) and you'll find out what happens with me. Well till the next type, keep reading and please don't get married.

21 July 2005

DICK, yeah I said it I SAID DICK DANIT

You know its pretty bad, when the only time you talk to your friends the main topic is dick. Okay J*&^*!@) I won't say your name, but yes you have a new list of names for your part. Thanks, lol hit me up peoples im bored and im not sure if lea is gonna come back into town friday or sat 323-5671. Oh yea I found my phone

20 July 2005

To be so staight (heterosexual)...

Republicans suck a lot of dick, cock, penis, head, jimmy, johnson, mushroom haed... and so on if you want more info go to Wikipedia Dictionary no pun intended

Im just saying look at them, they are homophobes but still suck dick.

Oh yeah I know that the conservatives and republicans are gonna love this shit.

19 July 2005

Hillary Clinton is a (__Insert Explictive Here____)

Hillary Clinton is a BITCH, and I say that with all due respect. I mean honestly, if parents didn't want their kids playin GTA:SA then they could take the damn game away from them. Okay people she is taking the easy way out, she would appeal to everyone, because she looks like "she cares for the children". I mean what the fuck is that bullshit!? I mean honestly let the sexual perverts who can only jack off to digital animation get off. I mean that is the only way for them it will happen, because you can't have sex with a digital girl, unless you count Lara Croft. She went from big ass digital chick, to fine big ass and tits human rights chick Angelina Jolie. Okay well that is enought from me. Peace bitches

18 July 2005

Okay no subterfuge

I was at the store, and I saw the sensetive condoms, they were pink. That is a blatent stab at women and homos right?

Now you can agree with me or not, but that is my opinion. Oh yeah those who don't like what I have to say on my blog,


. Yeah thats pretty much all I have to say about that.

wierdly enough

i prefer trojans, they get the job done right no bitchin, love the subterfuge

New Thnk Geek Slogan

Geeks do IT with enthuisiasm

Im sure jon will get the spell check soon, thx. LOL

Oh yea the IT is like Internet Telephony

17 July 2005

Feelin Better today

Feelin better today people. Im looking for a server for my blog and hopefully some other online content soon. I hope to be starting a radio show/ podcast and maybe produce a few things myself. I won't be producing anything like Sim does, cuz I'm not that good, I mean some web content for people like WebSites, and stuff maybe some photoshop.

Takn Girl

Has anyone ever seen Tank Girl, its got Lori Petti in it. THe movie is crazy as hell. If you want to see it you should. Talk to you lata.

16 July 2005

For So Long

For so long I have been worrying about other people, I have been trying to help others with their problems. I don't even the last time I have actually had a day to myself, where I got to do something I wanted: like hang out with you people or just chill with my cousin (cuz he is my wingman). But Im saying it know, thats it people (you don't know how bad I want to say mother fuckers, but I wont)(even though i just did). I mean I have heard so many of you complain about little fucking shit, and so much of it has built up and I just want to scream. And I don't mean a blogosphere scream, I mean go out of my GOD DAMNED HOUSE LOOK UP AT THE FUCKING SKY AND SCREAM GOD DAMNIT!!! I WON'T YELL GOD DAMNIT, I WILL JUST LET OUT A PRIMAL SCREAM BECAUSE IT WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO ABOUT NOTHING AND RIGHT NOW THAT IS ALL I WANT. I DONT WANT TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING I DONT WANT TO CARE ABOUT ANYTHING I DONT WANT TO THINK ABOUT THE MISERABLE SHIT IN YOUR LIFE! I WANT TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT I WANT. SO JUST FUCK IT YALL THINK ABOUT THIS SHIT BEFORE YOU IM ME.

Garden State Day

Do you ever have those days, where everything seems to pass you buy. Like the scene in Garden State, where everything is going around Andrew and he is just the only thing that is constant. I mean it happens to me all the time, im around my friends and everything seems to go by and Im just there. It is crazy. I really miss Lea, she is the only girl who I have ever actually thought about spending the rest of my life with. Its insane, I guess I shouldn't really express my true feelings on a thing that can never really be deleted. Hmm just wierd, but I do like Lea.

15 July 2005

13 July 2005


CNN Caps from sunday, yea I was that fuckin bored. But they were pretty funny.

Gamers know what its about

Im bored

Im bored, are you?

10 July 2005

It has begun

The CNN and other "news" organization coverage has begun. The Hurricanes have come, and are still coming and it began with TS Cindy. Now that Cindy has died off it is now time for her bigger and younger brother Dennis to fuck things up. On the idea of fuck and all things similar I have your fucked up site of the week, well its not really a site, but a picture of Dennis here is the link: Glad Im not therre

The bible in lego

The bible in Lego...no kidding. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

This is actually pretty good camera work, as many of you know I'm not a bible person (I don't really read it) but I have been trying to get into it. Give me a while and enjoy this site.

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People do you remember the short run TV show on fox by the same name of this Blog. Well if you don't then shut the fuck up and read anyway. Titius has come back, and yes I know that this comedy special is like a year old, but I found it funny and I need to tell you that anyone who has the chance to (re-)watch "Christopher Titus: Norman Rockwell is Bleeding" do it! It will probably come on showtime, so look for it.

09 July 2005

Fuckin Bored

if sex is soo fun, why is fuckin bored so boring and annoying?

06 July 2005

01 July 2005

Fucked up Delay

Sorry for the delay people. the fucked up site of the week is coming soon. Please be patient.